Mass Customized Learning In Action


Lori (a 14 year old in a MCL Learning Community), along with Mrs. Trezona (her assigned Learning Coach), creates her learning plan for the next two months—at times coordinating with her friends.

Mrs. T’s tip is to schedule those events from the least flexible to the most flexible. Lori is on the gymnastics team for the LC. This is her least-flexible activity, so she schedules Gymnastics Practice first:  3:30 to 5:00 M-F.

Next, she schedules the following in-depth seminars designed around complex learner outcomes (standards necessary for graduation) which require interaction among the Learning Facilitator, Lori, and her classmates: Interpersonal Communications (30 hours), Diversity (24 hours), Creating and Defending a Business Plan (27 hours), Forms of Government (20 hours) (three friends are scheduling this one also!).

Much of Lori’s science learning is online. Some of her experiments are even conducted via virtual reality.  However, there are some Science requirements which must be done in the science lab with the Learning Facilitator and other learners. Lori schedules her Science lab time for the next two months.

Lori then schedules online learning for specific Math Learner Outcomes.  She and 3 friends at the same learning level schedule 6-8 hours per week to work together on Math. Sometimes they do so in the computer lab, sometimes in one of their homes.  Anyplace where there is internet will do!

Lori has two burning interests:  music and how businesses work.  She has an eye to            working in the business side of the music industry.  One of the Learner Outcomes for Economics is about business plans.  Lori is allowed to do a personal project in place of the seminar for Creating and Defending a Business Plan as long as she can demonstrate the Learner Outcomes for that seminar.  Mrs. T. hooks Lori up to a mentor, a woman who works in a bank and used to be a professional entertain in the pop music field.  Lori schedules time to meet with her new mentor.

The last thing Lori schedules are other online Learner Outcomes she will learn on her own.  These have the most flexibility as she can do this learning from anyplace at anytime.  She and Mrs. T. identify those LOs that are most urgent to learn.

Lori hits “send” and everyone with a need to know gets a copy of Lori’s Learning Plan/Schedule for the next two months. An electronic portfolio system will automatically document Lori’s performance and mastery of her Learner Outcomes.

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