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Inevitable: Mass Customized Learning

Meeting the individual learning needs of every learner, every hour, of every day although espoused by educators, has only been a dream… impossible dream for educators facing student-teacher ratios of 25 to 1. But, alas, it is now a reality….a reality that is hiding in plain sight. Inevitable: Mass Customizing Learning (MCL) describes a detailed vision of how schools can change from the present outdated Industrial Age, assembly line structure to a mass customized learning structure with the capacity to meet the individual learning needs of every learner…..that’s every learner, not some, not most, but every learner. iTunes,, Verizon, Wikipedia, and Google (to name a few) are doing it right now. They prove to us daily that mass customization is effective and efficient and…well…doable. Let’s marry those powerful, customizing technologies with the mission of educators to personalize learning. Everyone wins. The learner wins. And when the learner wins, so do educators, parents, society, and the economy. Inevitable provides a solid rationale for the structural change, identifies the proven technologies of today that make the vision doable, details the potential MCL has to motivate learners to high achievement, describes teacher roles that are highly professional, and outlines and concretely describes what school systems must do to make MCL a reality. The authors of Inevitable use a “weight bearing wall” metaphor to identify the Industrial Age walls (practices) that prevent us from meeting individual learner needs. Leaders are then shown how new customizing technology walls can replace those Industrial Age walls . . . and the roof will not fall in! Yes, leaders can operate a MCL system and still remain in control! The transformational change of MCL becomes clear, logical, and believable. Mass Customizing Learning is necessary and ….. well…. Inevitable . . . and this book describes how to do it.


It’s Inevitable: A Fieldbook For and From the Field

It’s inevitable: Customized Teaching and Learning presents practical and powerful next steps on the road to Mass Customized Learning (MCL), the compelling 21st Century vision for schools put forward by the co-authors of the recent and highly-regarded book titled inevitable. Co-authors Schwahn and McGarvey challenge the decades-old status quo of familiar school structures such as grade levels, bell schedule, desks in rows, and class periods. They put forward a vision which restructures schools and maximizes current technologies for a learner-centered approach to education. Now comes the fieldbook, or how-to guide, with a rich collection of practical resources and insights to support school leaders with implementation of the vision. The fieldbook empowers school leaders to “ramp in” to the vision of customization by capitalizing on initiatives with momentum already happening in their respective schools. The fieldbook work, led by James Parry in collaboration with Schwahn and McGarvey, empowers school leaders with tools and processes to guide and facilitate implementation activities productively. A comprehensive yet succinct rubric for customized teaching and learning serves as a self-assessment tool as well as a discussion tool for building shared understanding about the vision. A book study tool provides provocative and insightful questions for each chapter of inevitable. A description of a robust technology infrastructure positions school leaders with essential information for planning. Or, a sampling of schools pursuing customization demonstrates a range of entry points for making progress with the MCL vision. Subtitled “A Fieldbook For and From the Field,” It’s inevitable: Customized Teaching and Learning is authored and edited by a team of respected education leaders and practitioners with K-16 experience. The fieldbook resources are designed to equip school leaders for responding productively to the opportunity presented by the vision of customization. Also, each fieldbook resource includes a “story” which reflects firsthand experience from the field.


Inevitable Too!: The Total Leader Embraces Mass Customized Learning

In a powerful follow up to Inevitable: Mass Customized Learning, Schwahn and McGarvey provide educational leaders with the playbook for implementing the compelling Mass Customized Learning vision. The “so how do you do it” question has been answered! Inevitable Too! marries the popular Total Leaders Framework with the inspirational and highly desirable vision of Mass Customized Learning. The authors present a clear and coherent roadmap of the leadership performance roles to make the MCL Vision a reality. Educators are poised to do what is right for learners, right for their profession, and right for our society. For the first time technologies are in place to make mass customization for learning possible. These technologies allow “students” to be “empowered learners.” Likewise, they empower and make it possible for teachers to individualize learning – something they have always wanted – and tried – to do! It is a moral imperative. Educators must “leapfrog” the prevailing Industrial Age, time-based paradigm of education to an Information Age educational system that truly supports learners and educators. There can be no more excuses. The technologies are abundant and powerful. The authors assert that the vision of Mass Customized Learning is, well, Inevitable.


Learning Communities 2.0: Educating in the Age of Empowerment

Learning Communities 2.0 is an insightful, incisive, and paradigm-shifting critique of today’s coercive, ‘inside-the-box,’ Industrial Age testing and accountability movement, which authors Spady and Schwahn describe as a politically driven, backward-facing juggernaut masquerading as reform. They call the compelling intellectual, functional, and moral alternative described in this book Empowering Learning Communities (ELCs). Drawing on mountains of insightful research and innovative practices from their vast experience and international consulting work in education, they clearly, systematically, and compellingly describe the distinguishing and defining components of ELCs, why ELCs are desperately needed in today’s Age of Empowerment, how ELCs differ from ‘educentric’ schools, how ELCs function, the life-performance outcomes that shape ELCs’ instructional priorities, and the strategies, frameworks, and transformational technologies that local communities can use to design and implement the key elements of ELCs in a number of creative ways. This is education’s inevitable future..


Total Leaders: Applying the Best Future Focused Change Strategies to Education

Total Leaders puts the minds of the most respected futurist, leadership, and change authorities to work for you in one simple yet dynamic leadership model that will help you strengthen your insights, performance, and effectiveness. The authors, a former superintendent and a national reform leader, spent the past 15 years individually reading and collectively synthesizing more than 100 of the leading futurist and leadership theory books, and relating their findings to the realities of educational leadership today. This book is for you if you: are familiar with all the current leadership theory and would like to have it all put together in one practical model; haven’t read much leadership research for some time and would like to catch up on it in an effective and efficient way; want proven strategies for dealing with a challenge to change your organization; are responsible for recruiting and evaluating educational leaders; or want to analyze your leadership performance and plan for future professional growth based upon what works.


Total Leaders 2.0: Leading in the Age of Empowerment

Total Leaders 2.0 is the twenty-first-century’s quick guide to leadership and successful change. It places the best thinking of several dozen, cutting-edge leadership and change gurus of the past two decades into an integrated, compelling, easily understood, and practical leadership framework: the Total Leader 2.0 Model. The model’s five domains and fifteen performance roles enable leaders in any field of endeavor to systematically address the challenges of organizational change in today’s technologically-driven, dramatically changing world-what the book’s first two chapters vividly describe as the Age of Empowerment. This new edition of the widely read Total Leaders book: 1) significantly deepens the theoretical grounding and applicability of the original Total Leader Model, and 2) expands its connection to other significant dimensions of leadership, professionalism, personal empowerment, learning, life, and change. This book provides education leaders with a powerful ‘outside the box’ perspective on today’s pressing educational issues and a systematic process-called strategic design-for moving their organizations from an Industrial Age grounding to an Age of Empowerment way of educating for the twenty-first century.


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Chuck Schwahn has made his professional life a study of leadership and effective organizations. For the past thirty years he has worked with businesses and school systems throughout North America providing consultation and training on the topics of leadership, change, personnel practices, and future-focused strategic design. His work with businesses and school systems is based upon his study of leadership and his successful eight year experience as Superintendent of the Eagle County School District and as leadership and planning consultant to Vail Ski Corporation, Vail, Colorado.

Chuck, who is the co-author of Total Leaders, a bestseller book published by the American Association of School Administrators, is also co-author of two recent releases for AASA –Total Leaders 2.0 and Learning Communities 2.0. Chuck received his doctorate from the University of Massachusetts where Ken Blanchard of The One Minute Manager fame, was his doctoral chair.

Chuck is one of ten children born and raised on a Lakota Native American reservation in South Dakota. He is enjoying a successful career that has placed him in nearly all of the critical roles of the education profession. He has taught middle school and university students, been a successful high school coach, an elementary and secondary school principal, an assistant superintendent for curriculum, instruction, personnel, and director of a state service center for organizational development. Chuck was the Superintendent of the Eagle County School District, Vail, CO.

Chuck has been married to his favorite teacher, Genny, for fifty years, has one daughter, Lori, and two grandchildren, Spencer and Lincoln. His interests and hobbies include reading and studying the latest literature about leadership and the future, keeping up-to-date with the latest transformational technology, cutting and chopping firewood, skiing, golfing, and hiking.

Chuck, who knows that he has been blessed, spends his summers near Mt. Rushmore in the Black Hills of South Dakota and his winters in the Phoenix area. He can be reached at his cell 623.363.5863 and at