Transformational Change or Tinkering Change?

Mass Customized Learning IS ABOUT TRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGE. No “tinkering” allowed.

To be clear, any change that retains the Industrial Age, assembly line delivery system of learning opportunities IS merely tinkering!


was about mass production.


is about mass customization.


is mass customizing education.


Mass Customized Learning for Young Learners (MCL4YL) does not tinker with the current delivery system, it leapfrogs it! MCL4YL is a new and exciting vision for education that uses today’s powerful mass customizing technology to meet the learning needs of young learners (approximately ages 6-10) every hour of every day. MCL4YL is not about “technology as teacher.” It is about “technology as a learning facilitator enabler.” That is what makes it so innovative.


Consider today’s school structure, that is, how do we deliver learning opportunities to learners. A group of superintendents from Lake County, IL helped us to identify the “weight bearing walls” of our present Industrial Age, assembly line school structure. Take down any one of these WBW and the structure collapses; the roof comes tumbling down.

Grade Levels
Assignments to Classrooms
Class Periods/Bells
Paper and Pencil
ABC Grading System
Report Cards
Learning at School
Nine-Month School Year
Graduation Requirements


If we look at these WBW, we find that nearly all of these structures are about control and administrative convenience. None, or very few, of the WBW are about effectively meeting the learning needs of individual learners every hour of every day.

What a stark contrast between the Industrial Age assembly line and today’s Information Age customizing technology


Customized Learning Structure

MCL4YL presents a desirable and doable vision that allows learning systems to leave the Industrial Age, time-based approach to learning and replace it with an Information Age, mastery learning system that:


• Meets the young learner at his/her learning level every day.
• Provides learning opportunities that sync with the young learner’s most effective learning styles.
• Allows the young learner to learn skills and concepts using content that is interesting and relevant to the learner.


MCL Defined

  •  MCL is happening when
    we are meeting the learning needs of every learner
    every hour of every day . . .
  • . . . while simultaneously
    meeting the learning needs of every other learner
    every hour of every day.

So, what is the Organizational Structure of MCL4YL?

Teaming Learning Facilitators (LFs)

“Teaming,” sometimes also referred to “sharing the load,” is LFs working together rather than to teach in a “self-contained classroom.” Three LFs responsible for 75 or so learners are able to offer more learning opportunities than one LF with 25 learners. For example, if one LF can work with two learning groups within one period, three LFs are able to provide six different learning opportunities. Better to meet the needs of learners. LFs learn from colleagues when they are working together . . . good professional development!

Non-Graded movement of learners through the program

In a “graded” system, learners are grouped by age and moved to the next grade on a time-based system. Learners don’t learn that way. Non-grading systems move learners based on their mastery of learner outcomes. Learners are ready for another learning challenge when they have mastered the prerequisite learnings for their next challenge. Creating a fluid structure that allows learners to continuously master learning outcomes is consistent with how learners learn.

Multi-Age Grouping

Age and the mastery of learner outcomes are unique to each learner. There is a high degree of overlap between the typical mastery of learner outcomes within two or three traditional grade levels. Multi-age grouping allows for learners’ needs rather than to have learning opportunities dictated by age.

  • These three structural changes, when combined, create a synergy that works for LFs and for learners. We have found that LF teams of three working with approximately 75 learners, or four LF teams with 100 learners are quite optimal.
  • Read Inevitable: MCL, Chapter 2, The Future Is Now: Transformational Technologies and Chapter 11, The Elementary MCL Vision. This FREE chapter is located in the Resource section of this website.

Can we skip
some things?

Education must change . . . significantly!
Many things we used to do made sense . . . they don’t any more!
Technology is here to stay . . . it will / is revolutionizing our profession!
Tinkering isn’t enough!

Our Book

Inevitable: Mass Customized Learning was written to make the MCL vision clearly visible to everyone. Once you see it, you will want it! You will learn the “what” of MCL throughout the book, and Chapter 2 gives you a good start.

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