What we wanted to do, but couldn’t, can now be done.  No one is guilty for not doing it 10 years ago, but to not customize learning now that we have the tools should invoke guilt!

Everybody – except education

Everybody is mass customizing. Everybody. Everybody – except education. Pandora.com allows me (and you, of course) to customize my music radio station; My Yahoo allows me to customize my news page; Starbucks allows me to have a venti decaf with a little room; my iPad and Google allow me to go anywhere in the world while sitting having that venti decaf.



The Ideal Listening Experience



The Ideal Reading Experience



The Ideal Coffee Experience

The “Mass Customized” Experience

At iTunes . . . everything is based on the ideal Listening Experience
At Amazon . . . everything is based on the ideal Reading Experience
At Starbucks . . . everything is based on the ideal Coffee Experience

At Google . . . everything is based on the ideal Search Experience

At the MCL Vision . . . everything is based on the ideal Learning Experience

Any change that retains the bureaucratic, Industrial Age, assembly line structure of schools. . . is “tinkering” change.

The structure of our school systems has been with us for so long . . . that we no longer see it.

The Industrial Age assembly line has become Transparent, Assumed, and Accepted!Charles Schwahn

Marry the strong desire to customize learning to today’s powerful
customizing technology, and BINGO, we have the capacity
to Transform Education.

The three critical BIG IDEAS
of Mass Customized Learning

1. Must be totally Learner-Centered
2. Faithfully applying Intrinsic Motivators
3. From Industrial Age Assembly Line Structure to Fluid MCL Structure

Intrinsic Learner Motivators:

  • Connector.

    It hits my learning level. (Learning Level)

    Better if “It will be a challenge, but I think I can learn it.”

  • Connector.

    It fits the way I learn best. (Learning Style)

    Better if “I was given alternative ways to learn . . . I learn best through video.”

  • Connector.

    I find the content interesting. (Interest)

    Better if “I chose it because I love sports . . . or fashion.”

  • Connector.

    I can see where I will use this. (Relevance)

    Better if “My Mom and I created a business plan.”

Information Age TEACHING

WIIFY . . . what’s in it for you?

What would your job look like . . . think interesting, think professional, think fun . . .

What if the only learners in your group had an immediate need to learn the same thing . . . AND, had the prerequisite learnings to learn it?

What if you didn’t have to manage other students while you were teaching your group?

Well, that’s what you should be able to expect!!!

No Child Left Behind is . . . High Class Tinkering

Getting better at “doing schools” is simply polishing the last patch of skin on the Industrial Revolution’s souring apple.
Tom Peters applied to US Education by CJS

If you’re thinking “what would motivate students” . . . THINK:

  • Meeting readiness level . . . That is, the learner has the prerequisite learnings.
  • Letting students determine the content . . . That is, students are interested.
  • Letting students select the learning mode . . . That is, it fits the student’s learning style.

MCL does all of these . . .
our present structure does none of these.

Our Book

Inevitable: Mass Customized Learning was written to make the MCL vision clearly visible to everyone. Once you see it, you will want it! You will learn the “why” of MCL throughout the book, and Chapter 1 gives you a good start.

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